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RiscOS Computers   Acorn

Cheer up !!
Computers which were formerly known as "Acorn" machines are still available!

Since 2002 all-new computers have been designed, which also use the
latest versions of the "Acorn" operating system, now known as RiscOS
(or RISC/OS or Risc_OS or RISC OS or whatever....)

Suffice it to say that the Operating System itself is already at Version 5.16 (OS5).
However, many older machines run happily on versions 4.02 to 4.39;
obtainable in a healthy second-hand market e.g. at CJE Micros of Worthing.
Visit the company now in charge of its development : RISCOS Ltd. - for further details.

Below are the hardware companies who produced the new machines.
These machines will run in the time-honoured "Acorn" manner,
but with all the latest "bells and whistles".

Be a British stalwart, with a RiscOS computer -

and send Bill Gates packing!!

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