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Status Update for "norridge"

This site, at
fully replaces that at -
last updated in 2001.
The original site was commenced
way back in 1998.

Since 2001, apart from minor (mainly
presentational) improvements, the
Sections  Norfolk Talk  (dialect)
and  Norfolk Tales  have remained
much the same.

The new site, however, has a large
extra Section on  PUBLIC HOUSES
in the  Greater Norwich  area.
These are not just current pubs, but also
historical ones - going back some 250 years !


For future reference . . . . .

Sections can be reached

  • The  Pubs  Section using :

  • The "old"  Norfolk  Sections using :
Please Note :-

These fresh addresses do  not  require
the prefix  "www".
Your browser will normally enter the
http://  prefix for you.

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