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Personal Details   Big Smile

 Date of Birth:  6th May 1934 (OAP = yes)
                 Birthday shared with Tony Blair,
                 George Clooney and Sigmund Freud
        Height:  6 feet, unless shrunk (well under 2M.)
Colour of Eyes:  Green (RAF said "hazel")
        Gender:  Male, if memory serves . . .
      Location:  Norwich, Norfolk - a Fine City
                 in God's Own County.
    Profession:  Dilettante (sp?) - 
                 pensioner par excellence.
     Pleasures:  Why Do You Ask???
       My Hero:  Bill Gates (only kidding!)  Bomb

The RISC OS Foundation : Member No. 0037 Membership of "CAMRA"

The norridge Website History

The site was first developed, late-1998*
on an Acorn RiscPC600 with (er, tiny)
HardDisk, 34MB RAM, and StrongArm
main processor; plus an Intel 486
second processor (the latter only for
decoration and winter-warmth).

The pages were initially composed in
!DeskEdit4 and !Easiwriter (and partly
cribbed from the late John Alldred).

  Since 2006 a new Section on
Norwich Area Pubs
has been added to the site.

The URL (site address)
has also been changed.
See separate Status notes
re accessibility.

*  and, like me, showing its age  :-(

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